President's Message

Our Indian economy is slowly moving towards a recovery path after the onslaught of the second wave of the Corona 19 pandemic. Our Indian Printing Industry should explore more innovation and with a positive frame of mind, follow good operating procedures. Printers have to consider and comply with environmental issues and adopt modern techniques pertaining to the safety of men, materials, and machines. The safety of 3M’s (men, materials, and machines) is the vital burning issue across all the industries whether in India or abroad.

Raveendra Joshi

I am of the firm view that post covid 19 Pandemic, health care issues will become more important and relevant. People will be more conscious about their health and as a result, there is tremendous scope for growth in pharmaceutical products as health will become very important for each and every individual. I also visualize and foresee a huge demand for home and hygienic products like soaps, detergents, sanitizers, face masks, etc. As a result, the pharmaceuticals and packaging segments of our Indian printing industry have a bright and better future. Our Printer brothers must devise a system that can help them to fine-tune all the cost accounting records, touch points from entry to exit, a platform that will integrate print buyers to print owners. A platform for proper management from logistics to retailers, to integrate all these touchpoints in one operating system should result in high liquidity and minimize wastages.

The 68th AGM of AIFMP will be held virtually on September 25-26, 2021. I appeal to all the eligible members of the Federation to attend the ensuing AGM virtually in large numbers to make it a grand success. WAN-IFRA Annual event in India for the print segments is scheduled to be held on 17-18 November 2021 in Chennai. The event will provide an opportunity for the participants to learn more about experts and to meet with suppliers to know/review their upcoming products and services. The popularity and quality of controls of your Printing Times depend on the nature and quality of articles received from our dear learned readers. I once again appeal to our educated and knowledgeable readers to kindly share and contribute more good articles pertaining to the print industry so as to enable us to publish the same in your Printing Times. Let our Printing Times be known for quality and usefulness.