President's Message

Our Indian economy is on recovery mode after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Indian Printing Industry is exploring more innovation and moving towards adopting global SOPs. Printers have to consider and comply with environmental issues and adopt modern techniques pertaining to the safety of 3M’s (men, materials, and machines), a vital burning issue across all industries around the world.

Health care issues have become more important and relevant. People are more conscious about their health and as a result, there is tremendous growth in wellness and pharmaceutical products as health has become very important for each and every individual. We are seeing a huge demand for home and hygiene products like soaps, detergents, sanitizers, face masks, etc. As a result, the pharmaceuticals and packaging segments of our Indian printing industry have surged ahead and the future is bright India’s per capita consumption was only 8.6 kg in 2020 as per the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) against a global average of 57 kg leaving huge scope for growth. Printing is fast adopting environmentally safe materials and processes to move towards a zero-impact model in the near future.

An area of concern is the rising trend of corporates shunning paper and printing, completely ignoring the polluting heavy metals that go into electronics which are used to access copies of printed material. Also, the pollution that is caused by the electricity used to run these devices is mostly generated from burning coal and oil, further contributing to environmental pollution. Paper today is mostly produced from recycled and sustainable sources, negating the destruction of virgin forests.

Our Printers must devise a system that can help to fine-tune all the cost accounting records, touch points from entry to exit, and a platform that will integrate print buyers to print owners. A platform for proper management from logistics to retailers, to integrate all these touchpoints in one operating system should result in high liquidity and minimize wastages. Adopting an MIS system is essential for micro to grow into small and small to medium.

Raghabendra N. Dutta Baruah