In keeping with its mission to keep Indian printers informed of the latest developments and trends in print technology and to provide them with a conducive environment for the exchange of information, enhanced business opportunities and productive interactions with global print special¬ists, AIFMP organises the Printing and Allied Machinery Exhibition (PAMEX).

The first PAMEX was organised in 1981 in Chennai and has been held every four years since until 2010, when based on the demand from the print fraternity, it became an annual/ biennial event. The exhibition is the oldest in the country for printing and allied industries and also the only one fully supported by the Government of India. A Union Minister or a high ranking official of the Government of India has usually attended as chief guest at the events over the years. Since the first show, PAMEX has grown in prestige and size. The exhibition floor area has increased with every passing edition as have the number of exhibitors, delegates and visitors. International participation has grown dramatically as has the intensity of debate at the conferences held alongside PAMEX. With India and China emerging as the largest markets for print and allied technologies, PAMEX’s global stature as a showcase of technologies and trends is rapidly growing.