South Zone


Aims & Objectives

  • To bring together printers from all over India under one organisation.
  • To represent printers’ interests on a nation-wide basis
  • To help the printing industry render better and more useful service to the public.
  • To increase the prestige and influence of the printing industry and to impress the printers with their importance in the national economy of the country.
  • To promote the interests of the printing industry and improve conditions in all branches as far as possible.
  • To educate the general public and business houses and industrial undertakings about the value of quality printing.
  • To secure and analyse statistical data, develop research and disseminate instructions to the printing industry.
  • To improve the technical knowledge of all concerned in the industry by establishing apprenticeship schemes, conducting technical schools and technologies in cooperation with the Government, universities, municipalities and other public bodies, individuals and business houses in establishing and running such institutions and by securing or awarding scholarships and prizes.
  • To study markets, develop new products and additional uses of printing.
  • To develop better methods of sales management and plant management.
  • To promote sound accounting practices, uniform costing methods, ratio analysis and production standards. 
  • To develop a spirit of cooperation among printers in all matters of mutual interest.
  • To create or manage any trusts or endowments for the developments of the printing industry.
  • To hold meetings, conferences, conventions and exhibitions, as well as to establish museums.
  • To publish or issue magazines, books, periodicals, leaflets, and other such relevant literature.
  • To affiliate the Federation with similar organisations in India and abroad.
  • To make representations to the Government or to other bodies and to represent the printing industry on any committees, commissions or other similar organisations or bodies set up for the purpose.

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